Assorted Technology News

US Public Transit Riders Demand Better Wi-Fi

How does your public transit dream ride look like? As strange as it may seem, TransitCenter actually took the time to ask this question to more than 3,000 people across the country.

Surprisingly, many of the highly prioritized items and features are of small importance for the end users. Still, at least one of the items on the list has gained people’s vote as well: better Wi-Fi.

People are consuming more information than ever before, and often times their smartphones become their central information hubs. And with video gaining more and more popularity, it’s not a surprise that a weak Wi-Fi connection can get saturated in a jiffy.

Fortunately, several inexpensive solutions are available, ranging from high gain antennas coupled with RP SMA extension cables to affordable wireless signal boosters. Meanwhile, the New York City officials are trying to put cutting edge Wi-Fi routers into their buses.



Facebooks Tests Encrypted Messaging

Many people and businesses use Facebook’s Messenger as their favorite instant messaging tool. Still, some people exchange private or confidential information using Messenger, and Facebook wants to make sure that those conversations remain 100% private.

The social media giant has recently started to test its Secret Conversation function, which is known to be developed by Open Whisper Systems, a company that has a lot of experience when it comes to secure chats; they are the authors of the well known secure messaging app Signal.

Facebook’s Messenger has used the Signal Protocol, which was built into Signal, incorporating it into its messaging application. People will also be able to set an optional timer, which controls the visibility of a message within the conversation timeline.


Secret conversations don’t support all the popular files yet – rich content, for example. Still, since end-to-end encryption, including encrypted files, has been recently incorporated into WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, we are probably going to see a new Messenger update that incorporates this function in the very near future.

Secret Conversations are only available to a limited number of people, but the feature should become a mainstream one before the end of the year.


Tiny Cameras Help Fight Diseases

Ever needed to take high quality photographs of your internal organs, without exposing them to unwanted levels or radiation? If your answer is affirmative, you will be glad to find out that there’s now an easier, much healthier solution.


Scientists at the University of Stuttgart have built a camera that can be injected into your body. This camera will help the next generation endoscopes become much thinner, and thus much less intrusive. In fact, a tiny camera like this can be used to explore the brain looking for tumors, for example, without needing any surgery.

As always, these tiny cameras can be used for other purposes as well. I am quite sure that most experts that are active in the security systems industry would be quite happy to own a pair of these cameras 😉